3 reasons why you should always wear matching belt and shoes

One of the first thing you can check when analyzing your overall style is to see whether or not the colors and textures of your belt and shoes are in sync. If you wear brown leather shoes, use a brown leather belt. If you wear black shoes, go with a black belt. If you wear sneakers, try to wear a belt that has one or two of the shoes’ colors imbeded in it.


1. Consistency

Using the same color for your belt and shoes will bring consistency to your style. It also shows that you have basic understanding of dressing codes. Other qualities that derive from consistency are self-composure and confidence, both are virtues that I’m sure you wouldn’t mind inspiring to others.

2. Esthetic

It simply looks better. And I don’t need to draw you a picture on the benefit of having a good looks. Why do we have to learn PUA methods to go talk to an attractive woman? Because before even knowing her, we assume that she is of high value and that we’d better up our game if we want to stand a chance. All this based solely on her looks. Appearance is important!

3. Self respect

Ever heard of the saying “respect yourself and others will respect you”. Well this can be applied here. If you don’t give basic attention to your appearance, which is part of your broader self,  we can fairly assume that you don’t care that much about yourself, and neither should we. Even if appearance is not in your main priority list, make sure to maintain a minimum standard.

This also reminds me of an anecdote from Dale C. Carson in his book, Arrest Proof Yourself.  The author says that appearance does play a role in the mind of the cop who has to choose someone to harass to fill his arrest log for the day. Badly dressed people driving poorly maintain cars are easier preys than well groomed men riding shiny sedans. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Lastly, please make sure to make a choice that complements what you already possess, when deciding on a new pair of kicks or a new belt. This will help you to create a consistent wardrobe overtime.

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