How psychotherapy might benefit you

Psychotherapy is often overlooked in society. Indeed, its definition alludes to the fact that the person who needs it has a mental issue and is thus potentially dangerous.

PsychotherapyThis stigma has for effect to make it even harder for the someone who needs assistance to take the necessary steps to go see a psychotherapist.

This is where courage is involved.

You need courage to admit you need help. You also need courage to go out and seek out for help and face potential rejection and explore the unknown (admitting being weak also means your counsellor has an advantage over you that could be used against you). You finally need the courage to swim against the stream of society’s moral judgement.

But you know what’s even scarier?

It’s the fact that psychotherapy works in such a way that to heal your present wounds, you have to go deep inside your past, deter your mistakes, your fears, your pain, the feelings of hate and injustice you once felt, the doubt you may have had about your identity both, racial and sexual, and even worse, revealing it all to someone you don’t know and you don’t trust (who can guarantee that this person is reliable? Nobody! You have to test it out yourself and take the risk to heal or to drown. Comforting thought isn’t it?).

What would you actually be going through?

You would be revisiting every moments of your life in which you wish you had acted differently (in a more mature way) and track the reason behind your original conduct by going all the way down to your prime childhood. After uncovering old memories including things you wished you’d never have to remember again, you would get to the knot of the problem and discover that a traumatic event actually occurred and changed you ever since. This, of course takes time (between 3 to 5 years) but it also involves the ability to withstand the frustration and the pain for that long without giving in and “act out”, namely doing something literally crazy that you might regret for the rest of your life.

Pay off time

The good news is that after having gone that far out of your way, you can now look at yourself in the mirror without tingling. Tim Ferriss’ methods to master any skills in a relatively short period of time can now be tested and the keys to your dream are finally where they should always have been; in the palm of your hands! Of course, this is real life and failure exists, but at least you can proudly say to yourself  and others that you tried and you can learn from your mistakes like a full grown person.

Know thyself know others

Finally – and this is maybe the most important part to understand why psychotherapy is understated and even downplayed – psychotherapy also means a journey to self-discovery, a discovery not only of yourself as a unique entity on this earth but also as a specific gender and as a human being in the broad sense. This powerful awareness, of course, can help you understand a lot of the underlying causes of social malfunctions but above all it will make you very difficult to manipulate. And this my friend, will annoy a lot of the people that are using fear, deceit and manipulation to run their businesses.

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