When you know it’s time to start doing your thing

Today I had a really bad day. After a dispute with my wife I pursued my downfall by making a serious mistake at work. I can’t tell you how I felt by the time I got home. I realized how much I started to hate my job and how much I was looking forward to make a full time living out of this website.

BraveheartI know this is an unconscious sign telling me to quit my job and do what I really wanna do; write and make money on my own rather than by working for someone else.

You see, all my life I’ve been feeling stranded. Living in a society that left no rooms for mistakes and even less for self expression. I always felt that being my true self and expressing openly my complaints against a society that I felt was unjust at times, would penalize me in my future career prospects.

And I always knew that broke, I would be doomed in a capitalistic system, even if I were to do what I loved.

So I bore with it. I studied quietly in my room and suppressed the deep frustrations I was feeling. I turned the free spirited entrepreneur in me into a submissive yes man that I thought would be more inclined to fit the “civilized” world and give me all the advantages it had to offer.

And it paid off.

I graduate from College and got to work in a location of my liking, developing the skills I wanted to improve in a line of work that I felt was important to understand the system I was living in.

On the personal side, I also founded a family and got all the social perks that would portray me as your ideal neighbor.

But things done changed

I realize now, how much I’m tired of acting and holding a fake smile on my face all day. And I hate dearly, bowing down to people I have no respect or admiration for. People for whom I don’t exist and for whom my opinion, my thoughts or feeling have no value whatsoever.

In an ideal world, I want to work as a CEO of a business that represents me and that allows me to express my opinion freely, fully and openly. A business that have flexible hours and that gives me the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. A business that can yield a salary that depends on my effort with unlimited possibilities and where people recognize my importance and value my work and my qualities as a human being. A business that is respectful of all people, no matter age, sex or social background.

To be honest, this whole process of creating a situation for myself in the superstructure (material life) and breaking free from my inner chains (feeling of inferiority, lack of confidence, fear of failure etc.) took a very long time.  It could have been a lot shorter if I had the right guidance at the time.

That’s why my plan is to help us both, you and me, by giving you all the tips you need to get straight to your goal instead of wasting time with trial and errors. As the saying goes: “smart people learn from their mistakes whereas wise people learn from other people mistakes”.

For example, I’ve been training at the gym for 10 years and it’s only now that I am finally able to get to 8-9% body fat. This should have been done in my first 2 years of training if I had hired the right coach. I had so many excuses, fear and doubt that the energy that could have been used in focusing on my diet and learning the most efficient method to train, was wasted in dealing with those thoughts.

The reason I know it will work out, is because I got to a point where success is my only option. As Napoleon Hill suggested in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, if you are serious about your objective, you have to burn all bridges so that your only option is to make it. This is well interpreted by Denzel Washington in John Q!

What about you, have you ever experienced that feeling of “no other option left” ? And If yes, how did it help you in achieving your goal?

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