Why you gotta be a Hustler to make it big

The definition of Hustlin’


First of all, let’s define the term hustlin’. In this context the term can be understood as making money using unusual means to achieve your goal, be it legal, illegal or through the use of force, manipulation or by outsmarting your competition and customers. It implies that it is a zero sum game where somebody is winning and the other is losing. This of course goes in contrast with the usual nature of business which is an exchange of good or service for money where both parties are equally satisfied, in theory at least (a company that has the monopoly on its market imposes its price to its consumer).

Why most Hustlers didn’t go to school

In an ideal world kindness, compassion and justice are the seeds of happiness and success. However, in the real world things are a bit different. There is not a minute when we don’t hear about a bad news on TV, paper on the internet; wars in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, political tension in Central Africa, financial crisis, unemployment, gang violence, terrorism etc. The list can go on and on. The reality is that the majority of the world is hurting and force and intimidation are used on a daily basis to dominate and govern. In Western countries the concept of equality associated first in its modern usage, with the feminist and anti-racist ideologies that started in the 1960′s, has been promoted to bring in the public arena legitimate problems related to social justice. However at some point in their respective development, both of these movements have been turned away from their initial objective to serve the capitalistic ideology whereby the initial concept of equality has been perverted and used as the ultimate excuse to justify any policy enacted by Western Governments (same couple marriage, health care reform, Patriot Act, wars meant to “liberate the oppressed and bring democracy” etc.).

In civil society “equality” is now being used to subtly but surely limit freedom of speech and the expression of individual opinion by making “political correctness” not a desirable goal that would make debates more respectful and civilized but a prescribed direction of conduct that has for objective to uniform the way of thinking by making criticism immoral, unethical and therefore wrong  (i.e. same sex marriage should be accepted without question because gay people should have equal rights as any other human being). From the first day at school to the first day at work, one learns how to merge into the mass and never to question the nature of the debate that is being presented. Submissiveness becomes so normal that thinking and operating outside the norm becomes unthinkable. This is unfortunate because as long as you don’t realize that force exist, can change hands and that it has to be used sometimes, you will not be able to manipulate it in your advantage when no other option is possible.

To summarize, to hustle you first have to start questioning and possibly unlearn what you thought was god given truth and be able to bear your own opinion on things. From there, you can accept the fact of being different and to go all out to promote and defend your beliefs even if it means that for a while you will become a solitary soul like Michael Knight.

Hustlin’ in different settings

In the office

In the corporate world, hustling is all about your ability to play politics. Putting the right poeple in CC when a significant projects gets done and similarly smoothly covering your failures. A little stab in the back occasionally might also be required. At the end of the day we all like to work with people we like and your boss is no different. Make your self appealing!

In the streets

In the streets the difficulties arise for multiple angles as what’s at stake here is your mental as well as your physical integrity. People often complain about the stress and pressure felt in their working environment, especially in Fortune 500 companies. Well in the streets, in addition to making the numbers, there is the threat of getting caught by the police or by a rival group and in both cases the penalty is death or prison. On top of that you have to deal with your own conscience and avoid self sabotage.

In entrepreneurship 

For Entrepreneurs, hustling is the relentless ability to communicate with people that share your passion, to develop your network, to defend your brand and sell your product and of course to constantly seek out new ideas to develop your business.

What about you, do you think hustling is necessary for success or technical skills are the most important factors to make it?

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