It’s become a common meme that we humans can only handle a limited amount of  information in a day. Information overload and decision fatigue are the main reasons Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama always wear the same clothes.

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So how do you shop like Obama, Steve Jobs or ‘Zuck’?

Sure, you probably won’t find $100/second-netting CEOs and leaders-of-the-free-world waiting in line for three hours at Macy’s, but shopping online can be as time consuming if not more.
Here is the solution:
Services like Geeftz (disclosure: this is the author’s app), will do just that for you.
You can find them on Kickstarter:
Another option is to use virtual assistants. If you want to save your neurotransmitters for later, and keep your blood pressure in check, let them do the job!
Give them guidelines.
Tell them who you are you shopping for;
- their age, sex
- your relationship to them (mother, boyfriend, boss)
- their interests: golf, ski, playing the mandolin
- your budget
- where they should look:
Ask them to come up with a list of 3-5 items for each person, which you will choose from. If you feel comfortable with using virtual assistants, some authors even advise to give them your credit card information and let them buy the items for you.
These two companies have a good reputation;
-Zirtual: a US-based virtual assistant service.
-TimeSvr: They work 24/7 and have a sound reputation of effectiveness, good skills and responsiveness.
That’s it. You’ve saved yourself a lot of time and energy that you can now invest in yourself and your family. Besides, creating a strong relationship with a VA opens up a brave new world of opportunities in your private and professional life. Do what you do best and what you enjoy. Delegate the rest.
—— author bio—

Masato is a Swiss/Japanese/Ethiopian entrepreneur and engineer from Geneva, Switzerland. He started coding at age 14, got Java-certified at age 17 and graduated from Google’s Summer of Code at age 19. After that, he went on to study mechanical engineering, energy and fuel cells in Lausanne and Tokyo. He worked at designing industrial gas turbines and die-cutting machines before starting Geeftz, a mobile gifting platform in order to solve his own life-long struggle to find awesome presents to offer his friends and family.

He is passionate about boxing, driving Japanese imported cars, running errands in big cities and eating red meat.

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